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What clients have said about working with Beverly...

I have been getting readings from Beverly for several years.  It is simply the best thing that I can do for myself to keep growing in a positive way and moving forward in my life.  I have tried a variety of conventional therapies, and there is absolutely no comparison.  One session is like having the burden of months or sometimes years of turmoil lifted off of my shoulders.  Not only do the sessions give me insight into my life, they leave me with valuable tools to cope and move forward in my journey.  I have been through a great many things and with her guidance and support have come out lighter, smarter and more courageous than I ever thought possible.  Closer and closer to my life's purpose.   I am deeply grateful to have her as a guide in my life.
- Tanya

"I've been working with Beverly for nearly ten years. Each time feels like getting to go home, even if just for a little while. I come away with an overwhelming - and lasting -  sense of peace, calm, and confidence that everything is as it should be. I always hear exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it - even if it takes time for me to make sense of it all...for things to "click." Talking with Beverly is like getting the biggest "Universe Hug" you can imagine!"
- Kelly 
“Working with Beverly is fun, insightful and a delight. She has helped me navigate through murky personal and professional waters. Through her guides and mine she understands and communicates the underlying emotions and motivations impacting me and my relationships. More informed decisions on my part have resulted in more successful outcomes personally and professionally. She has helped me to stay grounded in my spiritual life so that I remain on my path. She does all this with understanding, insight and humor.”
- Pat